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Although the domain name is the first step to an Internet presence, it is often necessary to subscribe to additional services, in order to publish content or have advanced email features.

Whether your domain name is managed by NETIM or by another registrar, you are free to choose your web services provider.

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Subscription period
1 year 1 to 10 years 1 to 10 years 1 to 10 years 1 to 10 years
Order Order Order Order Order
Number of websites

Depending on your offer, you will be able host one or several websites.

1 1 10 1 30
Disk space

Storage space available.

250 Mo 10 Go 100 Go 10 Go 300 Go

Indicator which shows the performance of your website (loading speed for example).

1 2 3 2 4
Storage technology

Netim uses SSD discs to store your data on flash memory and get a faster access.

Available web processes

Number of web processes that can be run simultaneously on your website.

1 6 30 6 90
PHP memory limit

Maximum storage size associated with the execution of a PHP script.

32 Mo 128 Mo 256 Mo 128 Mo 512 Mo
PHP Max execution time

Maximum execution time when running a PHP script.

15 sec 30 sec 60 sec 30 sec 120 sec

HTTP/2 is a major release of the HTTP network protocol used on the internet. It comes from the experimental SPDY protocol developped by Google and allows a faster display of your pages.

GZIP compression

GZIP (GNU zip acronym) allows compression of your files at the server.

Monthly traffic
unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
FTP access

File Transfer Protocol (File Transfer Protocol) is a communication protocol dedicated to network file sharing.

It allows you to copy files from or to another computer of the network, to administer a website, to delete or modify files on that network.

Additional FTP users

Depending on the selected offer, you will be able to add new users and manage the associated rights.

Access logs

Access to an FTP file containing all the visits and errors related to your website.


All devices and datas are hosted in France.

France France France France France
Alias domains

Aliases allow you to point more than one domain name to an existing hosting account.

For example, in order for to be accessible also with, it must be added as an alias to the domain.

In this example, "" is the alias of "", they will both display the same content.

DNS Anycast

Improves the performance of your website thanks to a reduced response time. How? By caching zone files on servers distributed worldwide.

Pre-installed CMS

Pre-installation of the most frequently used CMS (Content Management System): Wordpress (institutional websites or blog) and Prestashop (for your online store).

Number of email accounts

Number of email accounts that you hold in total and you can distribute among your domains.

1 10 10 50 250
Disk space

Storage space available for you email boxes.

1 Go 10 Go 10 Go 100 Go 500 Go
Quota per mailbox

Storage space available for each mailbox. Depending on your options, this space can be distributed among your mailboxes according to your needs.

1 Go 1 Go 1 Go Customizable Customizable
Maximum size per email

Maximum size allowed when sending an email.

5 Mo 25 Mo 25 Mo 100 Mo 100 Mo

Permet de créer une adresse email qui sera redirigée vers une ou plusieurs autres adresses emails. Dès lors, tout email reçu par une adresse de redirection sera transféré vers les différents destinataires.


Allows to create an additional email address on an email account. Therefore, any email sent to an alias address will be received by the email account.


Provides a filter system to remove viruses detected among the received emails.


Provides a filter system to delete the unwanted messages before being received in the email account.


Online interface to access all the functionalities of your email address (opening messages, writing and sending ...).


Sending protocole from either a webmail softare or mobile device. The access to the service is secured.


Consultation protocole from either a webmail softare or mobile device. The access to the service is secured.


Allows you to create an away message or an automatic reply as soon as an email is received.


Provides access to schedule and task management.

PHP 7.3

Web language allowing, among other things, to create dynamic web pages via an HTTP server.

PHP 7.3 is the latest version of this web langage.


FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is an alternative implementation to PHP FastCGI with some additional features particularly useful for high-load environments.

Apache and NGINX

Linux HTTP servers.

PHP info

Listing of the PHP settings.

[lien] [lien] [lien] [lien] [lien]

Online connection to order the server.

Ioncube Loader

Allows encoding of your files.


Opcache allows the caching of precompiled PHP code. As a result, the code is cached and will be executed by the PHP engine.

Scheduled task

Allow developers to perform certain actions on a recurring basis.

Choice of environment variables

Environment variables are data stored in variables that allow the program to have information about its environment.

These variables are created by the server each time a script is called, the server provides them as hidden parameters when running the interpreter.

This includes information about the type of server, its administrator, the date the script was called, the IP address and the browser type of the client ...

Customizable HTTP error

Customizing http errors (404,403 …).

Number of databases

Number of databases included in the offer. A database allows to record data in an organized and hierarchical way. This database is used by the PHP language in its dynamic display.

1 10 1 30
Disk space per base

Storage space assigned to each database.

1 Go 2 Go 1 Go 5 Go
MySQL 8.0

Mysql is a relational database management system.

MySQL 8.0 is the latest version of this management system.


Database management interface with basic import-export.

Simultaneous connection

Number of connections you can have simultaneously on your relational database.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Remote access

Ability to access database servers from outside the infrastructure.


Additional users can be created to access your databases.


Period that elapses between two backups.

Rolling 7 days period Rolling 7 days period Rolling 7 days period Rolling 7 days period Rolling 7 days period

Total or partial restoration of a hosting performed manually by the technical team, a flat-rate is applied.

Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Anti DDOS protection

This service is designed to prevent DDOS attacks. These attacks are generally intended to make a server, service or infrastructure unavailable.

Firewall Applicative

A firewall is software and/or hardware to enforce the network security policy, which defines the types of communications allowed on that computer network.

Web antivirus

This software protects websites from malicious scripts.


File used to indicate commands for the server, it is a configuration file for Apache.

Let's Encrypt Certificate

Let’s Encrypt certificates allow you to offer secure connections to your website, encrypt the exchanged content, ensure the identity of the server and prevent the content from being altered. (No insurance included)

SSL Comodo Certificate

We provide you with Let’s Encrypt certificates as well as a full range of Comodo DV (Domain Validation), EV (Extended Validation), Multi-domain (SAN) certificates or a full protection of all your sub-domains (wildcard). This type of certificate includes insurance of up to $1,000,000.

Available as an option
from € 12.00 /year
Available as an option
from € 12.00 /year
Available as an option
from € 12.00 /year
Available as an option
from € 12.00 /year
Available as an option
from € 12.00 /year
Start Presence Web+ Mail+ Premium
1ère année
Free of charge € 1.50 / mois € 4.50 / mois € 4.50 / mois € 9.00 / mois
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