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Stocks and shares, bitcoins, cars, stamps, stickers and clothing: online trading in any discipline of any goods and services is big business – the biggest business!

The new .TRADE top level domain allows people instinctively to visit a website when they have something to trade. As a newly available Top Level Domain, there are some awesome names available.

$ 5.00 instead of $ 30.50 VAT Ex. / yr
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Auto renew


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Public prices
$ 5.00 / yr * (1)
$ 6.00 / yr * (2)
$ 74.00 *
$ 5.00 * (3)
Change of owner
Free of charge

(1) Instead of $ 30.50 /yr*. Offer valid until 2022-06-30
(2) Instead of $ 30.50 /yr*. Offer valid until 2022-06-30
(3) Instead of $ 22.50 *. Offer valid until 2022-06-30
Price list comparative
Registration period
1 à 10 years
Registration timeline
Activation timeline
6-12 hours
Renewal period
1 à 10 years
Transfer timeline

NETIM is an accredited registrar


Registration process

There is no special process needed to register a .TRADE domain name, no special action is needed on your end.

.TRADE domain name Registration works on a first come, first served basis.


Special characters

Here is the list of special characters that are supported by this extension :

DA: æ ø å ä ö ü é

DE: ä ö ü

NO: á à ä č ç đ é è ê ŋ ń ñ ó ò ô ö š ŧ ü ž ø æ å

SV: å ä ö ü é

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* Our prices are VAT excluded, except premium domain names

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Free with every domain : WHOIS privacy, web & email forwarding, auto renewal, etc.

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Reliability, Speed and Robustness for your domain names.

Accredited registrar

Management of your portfolio by a worldwide accredited Registrar and domain names’ specialist.

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