The new Internet extensions (new gTLD)

The latest Big Bang in the domain name market.

ICANN, the supreme authority in the regulation of domain names, has launched a major project to open new generic extensions (gTLD) in 2012. Therefore, since the end of 2013 at the hectic pace of 20 extensions per week, nearly 1500 new domain name extensions are emerging.

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What are the new gTLDs?

The list of all applications is established but all will not be accepted, while some are in the middle of financial or geopolitical wars and lobbies. This liberalization will see the birth of extensions representing brands (.google, .audi, .bmw etc), cities or regions (.paris, .alsaces, .london, etc), communauties (.immo, .bzh) and a large majority of extensions related to lifestyles, crafts, sports, etc.

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At the moment we do not yet know which extensions will be definitively approved, those that will be private, or restricted to a community or to a specific geographical area. All we know is that the new gTLDs are coming and it is important to take this opportunity to protect your trademark or acquire the domain name of your dreams.

The supremacy of the few historical generic extensions such .com, in which it becomes difficult to find a name, should change with the introduction of more competition in the market and new opportunities for users.

How the launch takes place?

All new extensions will be linked to ICANN as existing gTLDs. Thus only ICANN accredited registrars such as NETIM will commercialize them. Also, they are all subject to the same rules and the same procedures such as the registrar transfers, litigation or accuracy of data in the whois database. The launch phase will be standardized and will begin with a Sunrise period followed by a Landrush and finally the General availability.


This period is reserved for trademark holders and assignees. To participate in this phase, the marks must be registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse. NETIM, as an official agent, allows you to register your trademark in order to get corresponding domain names.


This period precedes the general availability and allows a priority over the registration of domain names through additional charges.
Depending on the extensions, domains can be immediately attributed or at the end of an auction period if several applications have been received for the same domain name. Several periods can also be organized, each of them being reserved for a specific category of applicant.

The organization of the Landrush is very variable depending on the extensions.

General availability

The extension is open to all applicants, taking into account the potential eligibility criteria.

Claims period

During 90 days following the general availability of an extension, trademark protection system comes in.

If a registration application matches trademarks registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse, the applicant receives an email notification indicating that the desired domain name can infringe trademark holders. The applicant is then invited to confirm or reject his application. If registration is confirmed, corresponding trademark holders receive an email notification to alert them of a potential violation of their intellectual property rights.

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