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In order to make best use of your domain name, the various services and features below are included for free for any domain name managed by NETIM.

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Create customized email adresses with your domain name

Email forwarding service allows to create customized email adresses with your domain name. Once an email is received on these adresses, it is automatically verified by antispam filters and then transmitted to recipients.


If you have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) as, you have addresses such as You can also have accounts at gmail, yahoo or other free and famous providers. In this case, your internet identity depends entirely on the name of your provider. If you want to change, you will lose these addresses and you need to send the new ones to all your contacts! With your domain name, you will be able to change this forwarding with only a few clicks...

If you often use your email address on websites, you can get a lot of spam or unsolicited newsletters! With your domain name, you can keep your real mailbox secret and create / delete public email addresses with a few clicks...

Our forwarding service

  • An unlimited number of email adresses. For example or
  • The ability to specify multiple destinations for the same address.
  • A spam filter to protect your destination email address.
  • The ability to send messages from a personal address with an adequate messaging software and using provided settings.

See the tutorial "Use the email forwarding service"

Forwarded email adresses are not mailboxes.
They do not have email features such as webmail, POP/IMAP protocols, etc.

Our email adresses service can provide real mailboxes
Discover our Spamora solution starting from Not available */month

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