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In order to make best use of your domain name, the various services and features below are included for free for any domain name managed by NETIM.

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Don't miss your domain name renewal!

By default, we send expiration notifications to customer's email address 30, 15 and 7 days before and on the morning of the expiration day of a domain name.

However, from experience we know that the email address may have changed since the domain registration or that having a large portfolio means to manage all expiration dates.

Automatic renewal simplifies the expiration management and prevents you from forgetting the renewal of an important domain name by performing it automatically a few days before it expires. So you no longer have to worry about paying your bills on times !

Our auto renewal service

To benefit from this service, you must:
  • activate the service for the domain names you want to auto-renew in the control panel.
  • credit your customer account with an amount covering the renewal fees.

Thus, 7 days before the expiry of such domain name, if a valid mean of payment is linked to your account, or if the credit is sufficient, we will automatically renew it and an invoice will be generated.

In the event that no mean of payment is registered and the credit would not be enough, you will be notified of failure every day until the expiration date of the domain name.

See the tutorial "Activate domain auto renewal"

Autorenewal can not be activated on the expiration day, nor fulfilling the restoration of a domain name.
Payment can not be achieved by Paypal yet.

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